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Darrin Snider

Minor Internet Radio Celebrity -- Vindaloo Advisor
Freelance Entourage Member For Hire -- Aspiring Secret Agent

Producer and Genial Host of Indy In-Tune Radio and the Indianapolis In-Tune Podcast, Insatiable International Radio Listener, Subculture Yoda to a Bunch of People That Probably Shouldn't Consider Me a Role Model, Occasional Keyboard Player/Composer, Music Trivia Title Holder, and Resident Impresario/Expert/Blogger on the Indianapolis Music Scene

20-Plus Year Veteran Technologist, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Network Engineer, New Media Geek, Ghost Blogger, SEO/Web Analytics Consultant, Failed Entrepreneur, Recovering Software Engineer, and Inventor of the Jazz Software Development Methodology

Hobbies Include Baseball, Strategy Gaming, Quantum Physics, Day Trading, Comic Books, SciFi, Cybernetic Culture, and Dead Programming Languages

  Indianapolis, IN   |     Indy In-Tune
  Local Music, Podcasting, Internet Radio, SEO/Social Media/CRM, Custom Software Development